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I'm new and stuff

1) Name: Alice
2) Age: 22
3) Location: Bristol
4) Sexual Preference: Unfussy
5) What music do you like? Name some bands, genres, just to give us a general picture: Post punk, old punk, noise, folk, folk/noise... er... Gravenhurst, Shellac, Therapy?, Discharge, UK Subs, Wire, Alien Sex Fiend, Magazine, Merzbow, Pigface, Killing Joke, PJ Harvey
6) Favourite Film?: Dr Strangelove or The Producers
7) Favourite work of literature?: fuck me this is a difficult one... Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd, although I love everything he's written
8) Favourite Art form and why?: I have always been a huge fan of multimedia collage and textile based art as I love the way layers of meaning and information can be embedded in it and it takes a while to make sense of it, you really have to look properly. I also love stencil graffiti, the more political the better.
9) Political stance?: Morally I would describe myself as liberal, but I have a tendency to get so angry and frustrated with humanity in general that I think that a totatlitarian regime with me and like minded tossers in charge is the only way forward
10)Write us a six-line song, use your imagination: fish, fish, fish... I like fish
and hamsters, for they are fat and fluffy
but the rest can die
in the eye with a sharpened knitting needle
I stab.... stab... stab...
and you bled on my nice shoes you cock

playing the ukelele in my pyjamas

I used to be bald

and now my hair is stupid

lately I need to sleep more
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Hi fellow ___pop person.

Ps. My dad used to be in the UK subs and knows Alvin Gibbs personally. No joke.
what's your dad's name?
Ian Angell.

When i say he used to be in the UK subs, I really mean he was in a band with Alvin and some other members in the early seventies called 'Black Leather' but my dad was shit so he left. The UK Subs practised at my dad's house though, when they were really new.
:D amazing!
what did he play?
and I have to say, Angell is a pretty good surname, beats mine.
He played guitar.

Yeah, My name's Aaron A. Angell. And it's pronounced 'Angel' so i totally want to call my child Gabriel.

Haha what's yours.
Shared with metallica's ginger ex bassist and a fort on hadrian's wall
ps listen to gravenhurst and buy all their records
what you doing at home on a saturday night anyhow?
Dreading going into work tomorrow. And i'm skint.
And i'm listening to Patrick Wolf.
I have no money due to being unemployed. I am applying to John Lewis tomorrow, I am fucking desperate. It all came to a head today when I realised I could afford to go to the zoo or eat, so no zoo for me :(
I need to sit in the city centre with a sign saying 'will knit for food'
I'm on minimum wage. On a sunday.

My nan's teaching me to knit. And i'm taking up fencing. BARE FAGGOTRY.

Ps. add me back, and i'm sleeping now so night.
My goodness, someone else who's actually *heard of* Patrick Wolf..

*loves you*