Aaron A. Angell (equipment) wrote in englishcunts,
Aaron A. Angell

1) Name: Aaron A. Angell
2) Age: 17
3) Location: Surrey, CR6 represent
4) Sexual Preference: Straighter than the entire cast of SCUM.
5) What music do you like? Name some bands, genres, just to give us a general picture: Interpol, Bearsuit, Bloc Party, The Microphones.
6) Favourite Film?: Surf Ninjas
7) Favourite work of literature?: Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks
8) Favourite Art form and why?: Auto-destructive art. Because they paint with acid.
9) Political stance?: I'm definitely maybe a Liberal Democrat.
10)Write us a six-line song, use your imagination:

Cockney rascal shout out apple and pears, plates of meat, Cockney sparraaaaaaaaa.

I dunno, put a rhyme to it. Ellis i know i'm in, so I really cant be fucked.


Even though Ellis is a squiggoth and forgot to put a pictures bit on the app.

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Deleted comment

Wow lol. I relly din't think i woz guna get in lol. Blink split up :- (.
auto-fucking-accept, of course
I thought you were a girl until i looked on the info of Englishcunts. I'm really not sure why.
oh yes! wonderful, i been a member of pop for quite a while as well! i love gender confusion
although you havnt bothered with photos, nice touch, very english
It wasn't on the App!

I'll post some now, you might cream.
yeah it was, down the bottom! ahh bottom-such an english word!
God Ellis is a gyppo. He didn't put it in the actual application i pasted.

I hope you'll make him pay for his ignorance.

Deleted comment

Hahaha does it really matter.
yeah and it says please provide us with some photos
! under question 10!
Leamington Spa Music! = The Microphones
How i adore them.
You are already accepted but hummmm.
my brother lives in leamington spa
The Boyfriend lives in Leamington Spa! He also goes to Warrick...

Deleted comment

My internet friend ellis' friends brother lives in leamington.
so does clare's boyfriend!

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Re: mod/yesyes


12 years ago

p.s you remind me of adam green.

Deleted comment

fuck. i take that back.
We've gotta keep it a clean house.
Who the fuck is Adam Green?