.............................. (bellalasagne) wrote in englishcunts,

1) Name: Hetty Heartattack........and what?
2) Age: old enough to know better
3) Location: Romford
4) Sexual Preference:
well i aint no fucking rug muncher thats for sure...........ive been known to spit on a cock or two.
5) What music do you like? Name some bands, genres, just to give us a general picture:
(by the way, ive taken the liberty of adding a colon to this question because it seemed to be missing) the movielife, american nightmare, moving units, ESG, Gravytrain, Fannypack, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Codec and Flexor, Tilly and the Wall, All Girl Summer Fun Band, The Rapture.
6) Favourite Film?: Heathers
7) Favourite work of literature?: Lysistrata - Aristophanes
8) Favourite Art form and why?:
If i was a fucking wanker, I'd write something about performance art or fluxus or something along those wankerish self righteous lines...but I can't profess to know much about art or anything else for that matter....so I'll play the jewish card and say one thing "The Holocaust"
9) Political stance?:
I'd like to vote green because the substance of the same name frequently makes me happy on days of woe but to do this would be stupid because they havent got a hope in hell....so I'll just say this. "Are you a Nazi war criminal? Well you're like a Concentration Camp Guard, just doing what you're paid to!" Ah to be Red Ken now.
10)Write us a six-line song, use your imagination:

today a lady wanted to buy tights
and i asked her "sheer or glossy?"
she looked at me to find ones that were right
and said "It wont matter too much"
are they for school, I asked grinning brightly
"No" She replied. Her mother's just died. She needs them for the funeral.

now for the photos

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