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I'm new and stuff

1) Name: Alice
2) Age: 22
3) Location: Bristol
4) Sexual Preference: Unfussy
5) What music do you like? Name some bands, genres, just to give us a general picture: Post punk, old punk, noise, folk, folk/noise... er... Gravenhurst, Shellac, Therapy?, Discharge, UK Subs, Wire, Alien Sex Fiend, Magazine, Merzbow, Pigface, Killing Joke, PJ Harvey
6) Favourite Film?: Dr Strangelove or The Producers
7) Favourite work of literature?: fuck me this is a difficult one... Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd, although I love everything he's written
8) Favourite Art form and why?: I have always been a huge fan of multimedia collage and textile based art as I love the way layers of meaning and information can be embedded in it and it takes a while to make sense of it, you really have to look properly. I also love stencil graffiti, the more political the better.
9) Political stance?: Morally I would describe myself as liberal, but I have a tendency to get so angry and frustrated with humanity in general that I think that a totatlitarian regime with me and like minded tossers in charge is the only way forward
10)Write us a six-line song, use your imagination: fish, fish, fish... I like fish
and hamsters, for they are fat and fluffy
but the rest can die
in the eye with a sharpened knitting needle
I stab.... stab... stab...
and you bled on my nice shoes you cock

playing the ukelele in my pyjamas

I used to be bald

and now my hair is stupid

lately I need to sleep more
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