Aaron A. Angell (equipment) wrote in englishcunts,
Aaron A. Angell

1) Name: Aaron A. Angell
2) Age: 17
3) Location: Surrey, CR6 represent
4) Sexual Preference: Straighter than the entire cast of SCUM.
5) What music do you like? Name some bands, genres, just to give us a general picture: Interpol, Bearsuit, Bloc Party, The Microphones.
6) Favourite Film?: Surf Ninjas
7) Favourite work of literature?: Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks
8) Favourite Art form and why?: Auto-destructive art. Because they paint with acid.
9) Political stance?: I'm definitely maybe a Liberal Democrat.
10)Write us a six-line song, use your imagination:

Cockney rascal shout out apple and pears, plates of meat, Cockney sparraaaaaaaaa.

I dunno, put a rhyme to it. Ellis i know i'm in, so I really cant be fucked.


Even though Ellis is a squiggoth and forgot to put a pictures bit on the app.

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