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not another scene kid <3

i shall put this under a cut as a tend to ramble a lot.

1) Name: Kayte
2) Age: 16
3) Location: Morden, Sw London. *morden where the drunkards lie*
4) Sexual Preference: Bisexual. *neither because i am greedy nor because i think it's the "cool" thing to be*
5) What music do you like? Name some bands, genres, just to give us a general picture i like music through a variety of genres but i'm fondest of the riot grrls. my favourites at the moment are jack off jill, my ruin, hole, queen adreena and rasputina.
6) Favourite Film?: i'm a huge monty python fan, with the life of brian as my favourite out of the monty python films.
7) Favourite work of literature?: my favourite book is Junk by Melvin Burgess but that's probably not really a work of literature, therefore i'll have to plump for the bell jar by sylvia plath or pride and prejudice by jane austen.
8) Favourite Art form and why?: ummm
art i like to look at i like a variety of things especially surrealism
art i like to do my favourite is pencil draing but i like oils, pastels and collage too
9) Political stance?: i would be a communist as i love the idea but communism has so far been unable to work in practice. i would like to form my own political party with socialist and liberal ideas.
10)Write us a six-line song, use your imagination:
so uninspired
muddied faces and scraped knees
a heart that's getting sore
the dirty leaves on withered trees
no life left to live for
and the tears which noone sees
are not enough to die for
Now please provide us with some photographs of yourself...
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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