_bounty (__william) wrote in englishcunts,

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basically im setting up a cockney gang in London and need members...
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yes yes willy
oh count me in

apples n pears, have a banana, roll out the barrel, knees up, bloomin 'ell
you gotta fight me son to be in "the gang"!
ok but i got all those genuine cock-e-ney roots already! essex is just a bastardised form of cockney. can i do the la gang initiation of having to rape a man up the arse?
you know i am a member, im the reason you want to be a cockney.
asif its in my blood you dosey plonka! you havent even seen get carter... you can be my side lady who misleads men and kills em and LOVES me... oh and you also listen to HIM!
oh my god fuck off. i didnt even know who they were untill you serenaded me with 'funeral on hearts or something' in camden

you LOVE him
im no dosey plonka.. im a cockney sparra